Assistantships: The affiliates and investigators with active projects, in consultation with the PD, select the students to participate in their projects. The selection is based on the needs of each project and the skills and expertise of the students. The assignments and task-deliverables are defined by the mentor. To be eligible for the assistantship, the student must be enrolled full-time in a STEM program in an accredited institution in Puerto Rico with a GPA of 2.8 or greater. The project is performed during the academic year by dedicating 18+ hours/week.  The students are required to submit a progress report at the end of each semester.  Monthly attendance sheets may also be requested. 

Travel Funds:
Travel funds are assigned on a first come first serve basis, and subject to availability of funds.
To be eligible, the following requirements must be met:

  • A student, faculty or staff participating in a PR NASA project. 
  • Travel directly related to the project.
  • If it is a conference, the traveler must have an accepted presentation.
  • If it is NASA Center, National Lab or Research Institution, the traveler must have an invitation letter stating the purpose and dates. 

The travel application will be evaluated in terms of the benefit to the project and broader impact. 

Puerto Rico NASA Programs